Both Trevor and Caroline enjoy training pupils on a short and long term basis. Both are available to teach at the yard and to travel elsewhere if applicable. However due to Trevor’s show commitments Caroline tends to do more of the training. They have pupils that are based at the yard on competition and training livery and they enjoy having the help with the daily fitness of the competition horses, but also like having the pressure taken off them by having the horses arrive at the shows for the pupils to compete and of course looking immaculate! They specialise in putting together long and short term training programmes for horses and ponies and their riders. This includes daily flat work training sessions, fitness sessions and jumping sessions.

We tailor these to specific goals you have after determining these after an in depth chat.We pride ourselves on supplying a stop class training and mentoring service to achieve the very best for you and your horses.

Both Caroline and Trevor are available for clinics abroad and in the UK and if time they will run clinics at home- information on the next clinic will be posted in ‘Where we are headed next’.


Show Plan

We also offer a show plan service for our training customers. This involves putting together a training plan and show plan for each individual horse or pony for either 3 months or 6 months. This will include qualifiers or specific goal or classes you wish to qualify. We also supply outline of bullet points on areas to work on to achieve your goals.

Working pupils

We occasionally take working pupils on to train and develop, in return for them helping the staff at home.  Please contact Trevor or Caroline direct to discuss this.

Owners/ Clients/ Services

We are lucky enough to have a great team of long term owners both in the UK, Ireland and Europe for whom we have produced, competed and sold various horses on behalf on. We are extremely grateful for the constant support. We are always looking for new owners that are wanting to see their horses jump at the highest of levels or simply looking for a good investment. 90% of the horses are owned by individual investors that we partly own with them to give them assurance on their investment.


We offer various types of livery at Breen Sport Horses and have had on-going clients based with us for up to 6 years.
We offer the following:
  • Full livery– have your horses exercised, groomed and cared for 7 days a week, 365 days a year- taking away all the pressure.
  • Competition livery– we can compete your horse both nationally and internationally
  • Schooling livery– long or short term schooling and training
  • Training livery– base and train with us either long or short term.
  • Sales Livery– Choose to send your horse to Breen Sport Horses to be sold- with access to the best shows in the UK and internatonally, Trevor and Caroline have a huge amount of clients looking at horses on a monthly basis.

New Owners/Investors

We are always looking for new investors and owners of both young and older jumpers  to join our winning team and are keen to hear from anyone who may be interested in shares or syndicates in young or older horses.

We currently have a horses which we would consider selling shares or organising syndicates for financial investment. If this is something which would appeal to you, please let us know.
We can give you a list of horses and previous investments/ syndicates etc.
Please ring Trevor direct on 0044 7712 474346


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